Counselling Supervision in Brighton & Hove

I am a BACP Certified Supervisor working in Brighton and Hove

I have a broad knowledge of counselling history, theory and literature and of more generic professional clinical ethical and relevant legal thinking. Due to my wide experience, I am open to hearing supervisee’s experiences without either over-reacting or under-reacting to them. This enhances the likelihood that a supervisee will experience himself/herself as held and trusted, and the relationship as secure and safe.

The experience of the counsellor and therapist, working in Brighton and Hove in the therapy relationship is crucial. My approach to supervision is to provide a model for a supervisee’s practice. That means that the same therapeutic qualities of congruence, empathy, and acceptance will be present in my relationship with supervisees so that my supervision provides a model for the supervisee’s practice. My intention is to provide a growth promoting environment that will enable the supervisee to find their own approach. My approach has trust in encouraging the supervisee’s capacity for self-direction and self-determination. I work in Brighton and Hove.

My intention is to help the counsellor and therapist to grow in self-confidence and to grow in understanding of themselves whilst growing in appreciation of the therapeutic process.

Counselling supervision in Brighton & Hove

Counselling supervision in Brighton & Hove

What is counselling supervision?

Supervision supports the supervisee’s experience in the genuine human relationship with the client and supports their understanding of therapy as a process that can be learned.

I encourage collaborative enquiry in supervision and through the experience of being fully received supervisees are enabled to become more fluid and open to both their own and their client’s experience and to communicate more openly and freely.

The supervision I practice is characterised by a commitment to the supervisor/ supervisee relationship, genuineness, empathy and consistency in valuing the supervisee. The challenge inherent in this process can be experienced as stimulating and valuing.

My role and obligation and desire is to provide a listening, facilitative understanding, so helping the therapist and counsellor to become clearly aware of their own feelings in the therapeutic relationship so that they can become themselves in the relationship, authentically.

My counselling supervision is based in Brighton and Hove. Call/text/Whatsapp on 07880 757702 or email me to find out more.

Counselling Supervision in Brighton & Hove
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