Ecotherapy – Walking Therapy in Kemptown, Brighton

Ecotherapy is a term referring to a wide variety of treatment programmes which aim to boost your mental, physical wellness as well as social and spiritual domains through outdoor activities in nature. There are many studies confirming that connection with nature has lots of positive health benefits.

Other terms to describe ecotherapy such as:
• green exercise
• walking therapy
• green care
• green therapy
• horticultural therapy
• biophilia

What happens in ecotherapy?
Ecotherapy can be experienced in both rural and urban settings, such as parks, gardens, farms and woodlands and includes working in nature, such as a conservation project, gardening or farming as well as just experiencing nature, such as enjoying the views while walking or cycling or just sitting.

Counselling helps with many issues

Ecotherapy helps with many mental health issues, as well as physical, social and spiritual aspects of your life

Benefits of ecotherapy for mental health
• reduced depression
• reduced anger
• reduced feelings of anxiety and stress
• improved mood and self-esteem
• increased emotional resilience

Benefits of ecotherapy for physical health
• gentle physical exercise
• fresh air to increase your energy levels
• using up excess stress hormones
• relaxing your nervous system by being in a calm, natural environment
• increased stamina and fitness

Benefits of ecotherapy for social life
• meeting new people and boosting dopamine levels
• less isolation and loneliness increased the sense of belonging
• building your peer support network
• a more structured week
• connections with people

Benefits of ecotherapy for spiritual development
Through your connection with nature, you can develop a stronger spiritual life.

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Ecotherapy – Walking Therapy in Kemptown, Brighton
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