Well-being and Health

Person-centred therapy works at exploring the greater potentialities of people, including the pursuit of a sense of well-being, while at the same time striving to reduce their suffering.

Counselling and psychotherapy provide the condition, scantily experienced in everyday life, of being fully received. The client finds that whatever they are being at the moment, they are being psychologically received, as they are, by the therapist. Into that environment, they can bring their search for well-being that might have brought them to therapy.

The therapeutic process involves a change in the client’s manner of experiencing and a change in the individual’s relationship to their problems. My intention is to provide a certain type of relationship in which the client will discover, within themselves, the capacity to use that relationship for growth; and change and personal development will occur. A value of achieving well-being could then be made possible.

The client will begin to appreciate themselves, be more integrated, more able to function effectively, and become the person they would like to be, more individually and socially autonomous and self-confident, more self-expressive and unique, be more understanding and able to cope with the problems of life more adequately and more comfortably. This would be a significant measure of well-being. This life process would seem to be enriching, exciting rewarding, challenging and meaningful. These outcomes would evoke a sense of well-being in the stream of life.

When individuals are psychologically free to choose, ‘to be that self which one truly is’ (Kierkegaard), there emerge, in therapy, general patterns arising out of what clients appear to be striving for in attending therapy; including, doubtlessly, a search for a sense of well-being. They want to move away from being inauthentic to themselves; and away from responding to oughts in life; whilst moving away from meeting others expectations; and away from pleasing others merely as a measure of their humanity; towards an inner authority and autonomy in choosing their own goals; with a flexibility and fluidity; a comfortable manifestation of the inherently whole complexity of their life; a self actualisation and trust in themselves; and, an acceptance of others. These eventualities would constitute a contribution to a fulsome sense of well-being as a continuing way of life.

So, counselling and psychotherapy can facilitate an experience of a sense of well-being in life. As such, the client can also experience embracing a sense of health and positive self-regard.

Well-being and Health
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