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If you are considering or looking for counselling, couples counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, NVC/Nonviolent Communication or counselling supervision in Kemptown, Brighton and Hove and East Sussex, you may find what you are looking for here.

How counselling and psychoteraphy can help you

You may be at a juncture in your life where you are feeling vulnerable or anxious and uncertain about where to seek help. Whatever issues are brought, therapy and counselling can enable greater awareness of all the different aspects of yourself and what you’re feeling and what’s happening in you. Some life experiences have huge and difficult effects on peoples lives. Counselling and psychotherapy give you more choices and more connectedness with yourself and others.  I offer warmth, understanding and acceptance to help you find and develop yourself.

Issues counselling and psychotherapy help with

Anxiety, Self-esteem, Depression, Trauma, Relationships, Couples counselling & therapy, Bullying, Discrimination, Bereavement, Workplace and student based issue, Abuse and so on...

There is now much good research demonstrating how counselling and psychotherapy can help you grow in understanding about an issue or issues you may wish to raise.  It can enable you to have more resilience; helping you to learn, change and grow. I am also qualified in counselling supervision.

Brendan Nee, BA, MA, MBAPC, UKCP

Brendan Nee, BA, MA, MBAPC, UKCP

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Brighton and Hove

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