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How to book a counselling or psychotherapy session in Brighton and Hove area

I’m not seeing clients at this time until Autumn 2021.


There would be no cost for the initial session.

Should you decide to continue sessions, suitable times and frequencies could be decided at the initial session.
The cost would be £50 per 50-min session.
I am happy to mutually agree on fees to enable a desire for a counselling and therapeutic relationship should cost otherwise be prohibitive.

Low-cost affordable therapy in Brighton and Hove

As I refer, elsewhere on my website, to my keenness to also offer low-cost or affordable counselling to those who may be able to ill-afford attending therapy, despite having a desire to experience the opportunity. For me, psychotherapy should be available for everybody who would like to choose to explore their circumstance(s) or their life in the safety and warmth of the therapy room. Provision of counselling and psychotherapy in the Public Sector can be scarce, and provision – where it is available – delayed. So, if you would like to avail of this possibility please contact me in the usual manner which is described on this website.

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Kemptown Brighton

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Kemptown Brighton & Hove

Book a counselling or psychotherapy session now

I work as a counsellor and psychotherapist in Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 0AA.

Once you contact me by phone, text, Whatsapp or email, and we have had a phone conversation, we can arrange our first meeting.

You can see at that initial session where we would meet at my home, and also find out about me and the way I practice counselling. You can then decide whether you believe I would be the right counsellor and place for you and whether you would wish to continue.

Should you wish to continue, the time, the frequency and number of sessions you would like to attend could then be decided.

My intention, should we agree to undertake therapy, would be to facilitate the therapeutic environment you experience bearing in mind the contention that ‘therapy is of the essence of life and is so to be understood; liberating in the process clients’ nature and destiny’ to quote Carl Rogers.