Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services in Brighton & Hove

What is conflict resolution and mediation for?

Conflict resolution or mediation is about affording the time and space and place to resolving what may seem beforehand an intractable problem between a couple or two or more people in a partnership, or workplace, or organisation. Anybody involved in such a conflict of understanding or dispute can seek conflict resolution to try and sort it out. 

The resolution of a dispute or conflict can lead to improved relationships and outcomes between any number of people. The breadth of experience I have accumulated in my working and social life is ideally suited to my facilitating both conflict resolution, mediation, and workplace mediation in my therapeutic practice. My experience in life and work is that conflict can result in resolution and that such resolution can provide a better environment and outcome and quality of relationship for those concerned than when the conflict was experienced. The general view in the society of conflict in human relationships is that one should steer away from direct involvement. My approach, on the contrary – and maybe less common – is that conflict can lead to a perfect opportunity for enhanced resolution for those concerned. My approach therefore to conflict resolution and mediation is one borne of a determination to seek a solution for the benefit of all concerned.

Who needs conflict resolution and mediation
The breadth of experience I have accumulated in my working and social life is ideally suited to my facilitating workplace mediation and conflict resolution in my therapeutic practice, and I’ve worked in conflict resolution and mediation with the following:
• Couples
• Workplace
• Trade union issues
• Groups
• Parents
• Neighbours
• Bosses
• Families

My conflict resolution and mediation expertise

My qualifications
First, I am a qualified mediator for the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). Secondly, I have thirty-three years of organisational experience in workplace dispute resolution from my senior trade union position. Thirdly, I have a Diploma in Personnel Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) which enabled me to understand structures for employer/ employee relations in the UK and the problems of the workplace. Fourthly, I am steeped in an appreciation of NVC (non-violent communication) which understanding I utilise to great effect in my practice as a qualified therapist and counsellor. And, of course, I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist to bring to the mix.

Clients can benefit from bringing their workplace concerns and any issue of conflict in their lives to the therapy room and reap benefit from a therapeutic process informed by my experience cited above.

It is then the quality of the interpersonal relationship with the client or clients which is the most significant element in determining effectiveness. The quality of the personal relationship is the element which determines the probable extent to which this is an experience which releases or promotes development and growth and can lead to resolution of a dispute at home, in a relationship, at work or elsewhere.

Conflict resolution and mediation services in Brighton & Hove

Conflict resolution and mediation services in Brighton & Hove

How conflict resolution and mediation can help

I believe I bring to my helping relationship certain attitudes that can be successful in facilitating constructive change or development in any conflict resolution. The first of these is instilling confidence of trust in the client(s) that we are meeting on person to person basis. The second attitude which is essential in the relationship is that I experience an accurate empathic understanding of the client or clients private worlds and can communicate some of the significant fragments of that understanding. And, the third attitude is that I prize the client or clients, respecting them. It is when clients perceive my genuineness, and the acceptance and empathy I experience, that development in personality and change in behaviour is predicted. This outcome can greatly aid the resolution of the conflict in any situation, as a form of conflict resolution or mediation, relating to the issue or issues in question brought to the therapy room.