Counselling in Brighton and Hove

Client-centred counselling approach
The central and crucial position of the client-centred counselling approach in which I work as a counsellor is that individuals have within themselves vast resources for self-understanding and constructive growth. These resources can be tapped in counselling. The quality of the counselling relationship is a significant element in determining effectiveness. I offer counselling sessions in the Brighton and Hove area as well as on the phone and skype/zoom/whatsapp/facetime.

Counselling helps with

Workplace issues
Transition and change
Well-being and health
Grief and bereavement
Bullying, discrimination and abuse
Couples counselling & therapy
Conflict resolution & mediation services
Counselling supervision

How counsellors work
Counsellors who are successful in facilitating constructive transition and change bring certain qualities and attitudes such as warmth, understanding, and acceptance that, I believe, I bring to the counselling relationship. Its effectiveness would free you to find your own way and direction. It would allow/enable you to work at your own pace, arising out of any vulnerability, anxiety and desire for growth. Read more about my counselling training and qualifications

How does counselling work?

Counselling provides the opportunity for the client to experience immediately and completely, in a psychologically safe relationship, a feeling which may have hitherto been too threatening to experience freely. Constructive change in the behaviour and personality of the client can ensue.

Counselling and growth
This experience in counselling which releases the growth forces within the individual will come about in most cases due to some elements being present. First, as a counsellor, I operate on the principle that the client is responsible for themselves and am willing for the client to keep that responsibility. Secondly, I operate on the principle that the client has a strong desire to become mature, socially adjusted, independent, and productive, and relies on this force for therapeutic change. Thirdly, I create a warm and permissive atmosphere in which the individual is free to bring out any attitudes and feelings they have, no matter how unconventional, absurd, or contradictory these attitudes may be. And, the client is as free to withhold expression as to give expression to them freely. There is no limit set on attitudes. As a counsellor in the counselling therapeutic process, I will bear witness to a deep understanding of the emotionalised attitudes expressed together with an acceptance of them, involving neither approval or disapproval.

Counselling helps with many issues

Counselling helps with many issues

As a result, the client will express deep and motivating attitudes; exploring their attitudes and reactions more fully than previously and will also become aware of the attitudes they have previously denied. In so doing, the client will arrive at a clearer realisation of their motivating attitudes, accepting themselves in the counselling process more completely. The client can then choose their initiative to behave in a different fashion to achieve their goals in the direction of greater psychological growth and maturity.

Ecotherapy – walking therapy
I am also a qualified ecotherapy counsellor. This means counselling in nature. For example, walking in parks, by the sea, and woods doing counselling.

In short, the initial phase described is replaced by a phase in which insight becomes the most significant element, and this in turn by a phase marked by the increase in positive choice and action.

“The first time I have been to counselling was hugely supportive and helping me in my grief at the time, and the subsequent difficult emotions I experienced. We quickly developed a deep connection and a safe trusting relationship. Brendan offered me the right amount of space to explore and follow my own process, sharing what was truly important to me, and allowing me to express my pain and get in touch with my feelings. This has helped me identify and explore my experience and change aspects of how I deal with others and situations. I have been able to accept myself while making positive changes. Brendan was always warm, present and empathic which made me feel understood and valued without judgment, helping me to be more accepting, understanding and less judging of myself.”
Sean, Brighton