Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

I offer online therapy and counselling.

Benefits of online counselling and psychotherapy

Convenience is a major aspect. You can have a session from anywhere — on the web or mobile, all from the privacy of your device. You’ll be saving time on commutes or taking time away from work or school.

Effectiveness is what the majority of people report when they choose online therapy over traditional face to face therapy session. Many people report improvement after just a few weeks.

Security. By using Whatsapp or Facetime the sessions are encrypted and I adhere to strict professional and ethical client confidentiality codes.

Professionalism. I specialise in a range of issues — including Anxiety
Workplace issues
Transition and change
Well-being and health
Grief and bereavement
Bullying, discrimination and abuse
Couples counselling & therapy
Conflict resolution & mediation services
Counselling supervision

How does online counselling or psychotherapy work?
It’s the same as regular face to face sessions, except it’s on the phone or via mobile device or computer. You can choose to see me via the device or just have a voice conversation. No special software or equipment is required, only a phone or mobile phone or computer/tablet. Depending on how you want it and what mobile phone you have you can choose between Whatsapp (Apple or Android phone/devices) or FaceTime (Apple devices).